2019 Open Enrollment


It’s that special time of year again… no, not the holidays. It’s time for insurance open enrollment! If you purchase your health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace on HealthCare.gov, it’s important to know that you only have 45 days to enroll: November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2018.

Who can use the Marketplace at HealthCare.gov to purchase health insurance for 2019? Anyone who doesn’t have insurance through their job, Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP.

When enrolling on HealthCare.gov, make sure to have information about everyone in your household, including their date of birth and social security number. You’ll also need your tax and income information. If you have coverage from 2018, make sure to review and update your current application before submitting it.

For more information on open enrollment and the Marketplace, check out HealthCare.gov/blog.

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