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5 Apps for Hospice Families

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Although most of us own a smartphone, we don’t take the time to explore the app stores. There is a wide variety of apps that can help you while you care for your loved one and after your loved one has died. Below are 5 we have found helpful. If you want to explore further, type into your app store search box key phrases like: bereavement, daily affirmations, daily meditations, medication tracker, support group.

Facebook: Many of us are familiar with Facebook as the social media website where we see pictures of new babies, weddings, and life updates from a wide circle of friends and family. But did you know you can set up a private group? You can set up a separate page, invite only those who you want to receive updates, and then post as often as you want with medical updates on your loved one, pictures, reminisce about their life, and give funeral information when the time has come.

Skype: This is a video conferencing app. Each person you want to video call with will need to download the app. Once everyone has the app you can video conference one-on-one or do a group video chat. This is a great tool to use for family members and close friends who do not live near you but want to see their loved one before they pass.

CareZone: This app is a caregiving and medication management tool. List medications and dosages, and receive reminders of when to take/administer medication. There’s a journal function that you can use to list symptoms, medication changes, doctor information, and privately share that information with loved ones. You can also upload important documents so that you have that information handy whenever you need it.

Headspace: Use your phone to help you relax with this meditation app. There are several free meditations you can try and if you find you like them you can start a paid monthly subscription. Many people find meditation helpful and make it part of their daily routine. People report being able to handle stress better, sleep better, and overall feel healthier.

MeetUp: This app provides online and in real life support groups. There are many different support groups listed, by area and need, so you can meet up with those around you who are grieving. There are several different support groups available, not just bereavement.  You could find a local knitting group, runners club, book club, bridge group, and many more.

Jimmie Stapleton

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