4 Ways Home Health Care Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's: Home Health Care Dallas TX

Seniors with Alzheimer’s can benefit greatly from home health care. Getting medical care can be disruptive and scary for seniors who have Alzheimer’s, and it can be frustrating and difficult for their family members. If you have a senior parent who has Alzheimer’s, you should look into home health care options to meet their routine […]

How Can Hospice Care Help Dementia Patients?

Dementia: Hospice Care Dallas TX

Hospice care is typically associated with ailments like cancer or heart failure. These diseases are life-limiting illnesses that may not have any further viable treatments. Dementia is also a life-limiting disease that takes a lot out of patients and their families. By the time a patient is reaching the final stages of dementia, having some […]

New Report: Value of Hospice in Medicare

President Carter’s decision in mid-February to enter hospice is a choice more than 27 million Americans have made, with increasing numbers selecting this option as more people get to know hospice care. In 2019, 1.61 million Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in hospice, and according to new research by NORC at the University of Chicago, hospice […]

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