Celebrating Social Workers

Ardent Hospice Social Workers

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022 we showed our appreciation to our social workers with a delicious breakfast. After two years of a pandemic, it was good to celebrate Social Worker Month in-person. At breakfast, we had the pleasure to hear from each social worker about what drew him or her to the profession. Each explained the personal experiences that called them to work with the end-of-life population.

Hospice care means interdisciplinary care, or a team approach. While the doctor and nurse take care of physical needs, the social worker and the chaplain take care of psychosocial and spiritual needs. The role of the hospice social worker is wide-ranging – he/she handles issues related to housing, sitter services, advance directives, transportation, respite stays, help with body donation and funeral arrangements, as well as general counseling. Ardent Hospice is fortunate to have three social workers to cover our large service area. Our LMSW’s (Licensed Master Social Workers) help hundreds of families each year. Social workers recognize that they have been given the opportunity to enter briefly into the ongoing life of different family systems at a stressful time and find effective ways to meet the needs of each family. This year, our social work team is even more robust with the addition of three social work interns, who have been shadowing social worker Jennifer Barton.

We salute the social workers at Ardent Hospice and all social workers nationwide. We are grateful to their help navigating life’s tough challenges.

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