Chaplain James Reflects on Ten Years in Hospice Work


The primary role of a hospice chaplain is to minister to the spiritual needs of the patient, who may want to look back and review his or her life, may question its meaning, and may be facing feelings of fear or anger or powerlessness. And after a patient’s death, the chaplain continues to play a critical role in helping the family understand their emotions and how to move toward a place of healing. In his ten years with Ardent Hospice, James has met numerous terminally-ill people and has walked with many families through this journey. It is truly a vocation that he loves.

Asked about his long tenure James says, “To be in a position to help folks experience inner peace as they make that transition has been the most rewarding career of my life. Ardent has allowed me to fulfill that calling for the last ten years.”

We are grateful for the compassionate care he has given to so many patients and to the hospice team itself. Thank you, James.

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