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Four Signs that You Need Help with Bereavement

Whether your senior has passed away yet or not, you may need some help with bereavement.
End of Life Care Dallas, TX: Seniors and Bereavement

As your senior nears the end of her life, you’re likely dealing with a lot of complex emotions. But you don’t have to face grief alone, especially if you’re having a difficult time processing all that you’re feeling. Getting help with bereavement issues can be a powerful step forward for you and for other family members who are grieving the loss of your senior as well. 

You’re Having Trouble Regulating Your Emotions 

You can’t really control your emotions, which is a misconception for a lot of people, but you can regulate them. That means that you’re able to recognize what you’re feeling and respond appropriately for the situation. When you’re properly regulating your emotions, even the big, ugly ones, that means you’re able to face them, name them, and cope with them appropriately. 

Daily Life Is Overwhelming, and Keeps Getting Worse 

As a family caregiver, more and more of your senior’s care may have become your responsibility. Now that she’s at the end of her life, your responsibilities may have changed, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still overwhelmed. In fact, emotional dysregulation and grief can leave you feeling even more overwhelmed every single day. If you leave it at that, the overwhelm is likely to just keep growing. 

You Don’t See How You Can Move Forward  

All of this can work together to leave you feeling as if there’s nothing past this grief. Whether what you’re feeling is anticipatory grief or your senior has just passed away, there may not be a clear path that you can distinguish. This can leave you trapped in these feelings, which can be a dangerous spot to be stuck in. 

You’re Feeling Depressed 

There’s sad and grieving, and then there’s depressed. Depression can bring with it a lot of other issues, such as isolation, lack of interest in daily life, and a feeling that there’s no point to anything anymore. Dealing with your depression head on is crucial so that you can pull back and start to heal. You may not be able to do this completely on your own, even with time. 

End-of-life care providers can do more for you and for your family than simply help to take care of your senior as she nears this final stage of her life. They can also help you to find bereavement counseling that enables you to learn the tools you need to have in order to resolve these effects of grief. 

If you or an aging loved-one is considering End of Life Care in the Dallas area,  please contact the caring staff at Ardent Healthcare today. 469-293-1515 

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