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Home Health Care Coppell, TX: Understanding of Dementia

If you are a family caregiver for your loved one who has dementia, it is important to understand as much as you can about this disease. The changes that will present themselves in your elderly loved one can happen slowly or quickly. There are different stages of the disease where these changes often take place. The more you can understand the trajectory of dementia, the more you can help your elderly loved one in each stage.  

Mild Dementia 

The first stage usually presents with mild symptoms. Your elderly loved one will start showing some difficulties. They may have some trouble learning new things and remembering people’s names. They may not be able to do complicated tasks, though. Your elderly loved one might also have more anxiety, stress, and sadness than normal. They may stop taking part in activities they usually enjoy, as well. During this stage, it might be a good idea to hire home health care providers for your elderly loved one at least a few times a week for extra assistance.  

Moderate Dementia  

The second stage of this disease is called moderate dementia. More of your elderly loved one’s senses are going to be affected during this stage. They may also experience loss of judgment, loss of physical functions, and worsening memory loss. During the moderate stage of this disease, your elderly loved one might not be eating well, they may wander, and use words that don’t make much sense. The care that your elderly loved one will need is going to start increasing during this stage. You might need more help from the home health care providers.  

Severe Dementia 

The final stage of this disease is called severe dementia. Your elderly loved one will completely lose their memory. They are going to need help when eating. Your elderly loved one won’t have control over their bowel or their bladder. They will also have mobility issues and need around-the-clock supervision and care. This is when many family caregivers often need to take a step back and hire home health care providers to do most of the care tasks for their loved one. If this is what you need to do, that is perfectly alright.  


Dementia is a progressive disease. Right now, there is not a cure for it. The different stages of the disease are going to be difficult from the first stage to the final stage. However, now that you know more about these different stages and what will happen, you can be prepared. You now know how much help you are going to need from home health care providers and others when caring for your elderly love one. 

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