Hire Home Health Care to Help Your Dad Battle Severe Obesity

Home Health Care Plano, TX: Severe Obesity
Home Health Care Plano, TX: Severe Obesity
Home Health Care Plano, TX: Severe Obesity

Severe obesity is defined as being more than 100 pounds overweight. When a body mass index (BMI) is over 40, it’s extremely concerning as many chronic health conditions are more likely to occur. Almost six percent of adults 60 or older are severely obese, according to the CDC. 
Your dad’s been diagnosed with severe obesity. His doctor is concerned as his tests also found that he has type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and his mobility is limited due to knee and ankle pain caused by osteoarthritis. His doctor said he needs to improve his health and that it’s time to look into home health care services. 
What can a home health care nurse help your dad accomplish? Are there other services to consider as he does what is needed to improve his health? 
Dietary Changes 
He may not have any chronic conditions yet, or he might have been told he has fatty liver disease. His diet needs to change. He needs to eat more vegetables, stick to lean proteins, and get plenty of fiber. Working with a dietitian helps him choose foods that prevent additional damage to the liver and other organs. 
He can have a dietitian come to his home and show him the foods he needs to stop eating. He’ll work with this expert and find the right foods for both his health and budget. 
Diabetes Care 
If your dad has diabetes, ask about diabetes specialists to help him learn how to manage his blood sugar levels, prepare healthy meals, and get enough exercise. Diabetes care at home can also help him learn how to care for his feet. 
His diet needs to change. He’s got to focus on foods that don’t drastically increase blood sugar levels in a hurry. He needs to eat lean proteins, whole grains, lots of vegetables, and a moderate amount of fresh fruits. Avoiding added sugars and saturated fats is essential, but it’s often hard to do if you’re not used to reading labels. 
As there’s a higher risk of diabetic neuropathy if blood sugar levels are not managed well, your dad needs to learn how to check his feet for sores and infections and make sure they’re kept clean and moisturized. 
Physical Therapy 
To lose weight, your dad needs to become more active. This means walking around more, and that’s hard if you’ve been sedentary. A physical therapist can come to your dad’s house and help him strengthen his joints and muscles to make physical exertion easier to manage. 
Your dad’s doctor has a plan to help him lose weight and improve his health. Make sure you follow through with that plan by arranging to have your dad supported by home health care nurses when he’s at home. Call and ask a specialist for pricing, services, and schedules to make arrangements for home health care. 

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