Cornerstone House Call medical services are personalized to each patient group that we serve. We provide three types of house call medical services in the DFW metroplex and surrounding areas.


    Medical care for individual patients in single family homes and apartments. We treat patients who are home bound, experiencing some level of physical or cognitive difficulty when leaving home.

    It can be challenging, expensive and stressful to leave home to visit a doctor’s office. We make healthcare more accessible to patients by delivering quality care to your doorstep. We perform medical house calls for patients as an interim or primary care physician treating chronic and acute conditions or treating urgent (non-emergent) conditions.


    House call medical care that allows medical facilities to plan transitions for discharging patients that need follow up care. This program is focused on improving transitions and outcomes for patients and can work in conjunction with patients’ existing primary care physician.

    Delayed follow-up care and changes from discharge orders increase the probability of being readmitted to the hospital. Readmissions place stress on the health care system, patients and their families. We can help improve outcomes and prevent recurrent ER visits and hospital readmissions.


    House call medical care to multiple patients (usually on the same day) for patients in group residential settings such as assisted living facilities and senior living communities. Through this service we can also serve as the medical director of your facility, providing the care your residents need at lower cost to the facility.

    Scheduling appointments and taking residents to a physician’s office can be a stressful experience for patients and a coordination nightmare for caregivers. We visit facilities and care homes to provide your residents with medical care in familiar surroundings.

We can help you and your family understand your options for treatment and what to do if your condition changes by planning for future care that matches your values and goals.

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