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How Home Health Care Helps Seniors Recover from Cataract Surgery

Many seniors suffer from having to get cataract surgery. With the help of home health care, they can have an easier and more comfortable recovery at home.
Cataract Surgery: Home Health Care  Lewisville TX
Cataract Surgery: Home Health Care  Lewisville TX

After cataract surgery, seniors need to rest and make sure they’re following their eye surgeon’s instructions fully. Home health care providers can help to make sure that they’re doing all of that and having other help as needed. Cataract surgery is really common in this day and age, but that doesn’t mean that seniors don’t need time to recover as fully as possible. Here are some of the ways that home health care providers help with the healing process.

Medication Reminders

After cataract surgery, seniors may need to take medications or add eye drops to their eyes. These medications help to manage any symptoms they’re experiencing and to prevent infection. It can be difficult to remember to take medications when they’re due, however, especially if it’s difficult to see the clock. Home health care providers make it a lot easier for seniors to remember to stick with their medication plan after surgery.

Assistance with Daily Activities

When seniors have cataract surgery, they may need additional help with daily activities. Moving around may be complicated, especially if lighting is low or they’re in an unfamiliar location. Seniors can have blurry vision, too, which can make performing normal daily activities a lot more complicated. Home care providers can be there to handle those tasks for them as they heal.

Changing Bandages

Seniors often have a bandage or patch over one or both eyes when they have cataract surgery, depending on whether they had surgery on both eyes or just one. Home health care providers can help with wound care and changing bandages. Nurses are able to watch for signs of complications, including any signs that the eyes might be infected. If they do spot problems, they’re able to notify medical providers right away and ensure that the situation is handled.

Help with Transportation

It’s really important that seniors attend all follow-up appointments after cataract surgery, but driving may be completely out of the question. Caregivers can be there to offer help with transportation, including making sure that seniors get safely to their eye surgeon’s offices. This can relieve a great deal of stress for aging adults after cataract surgery.

Offering Emotional Support

It’s sometimes scary and isolating to have cataract surgery, especially for seniors who are used to being independent. Home health care providers can be there to offer emotional support, listening to the concerns their patients share. That social contact can be incredibly powerful for aging adults, helping them to stay connected to others while they recover.

Seniors often need more help than they expect after cataract surgery. That is even more true if they’re having surgery on both eyes at the same time. It helps a lot for seniors to have home health care providers checking in on them, reminding them to wear eye protection, and offering assistance in other ways when necessary. All of this can help to make the healing process much easier for aging adults and help family caregivers to feel as if their seniors are in good hands while they recover from cataract surgery.

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