How Long Can Your Senior Live with Palliative Care?

Palliative Care Lewisville, TX: Living with Palliative Care
Palliative Care Lewisville, TX: Living with Palliative Care
Palliative Care Lewisville, TX: Living with Palliative Care

One of the reasons that seniors and family members consider palliative care is in hopes that it promises something concrete in terms of extending your senior’s life. Because this type of care focuses on quality of life, your senior may just see some improvements in her overall well-being. Here are some of the things that you should know in making that decision. 

There Are No Time Limits with Palliative Care 

Unlike hospice, your senior does not have any time limits when it comes to palliative care. Hospice, for instance, is reserved for patients who are expected to have six or fewer months left to live. Your senior can access palliative care at any time after developing a chronic or life-limiting illness. Many people who opt for palliative care do so when their symptoms worsen significantly. 

Your Senior’s Care Teams All Work Together 

The best part of palliative care is that your senior doesn’t have to give up curative treatments. Her existing doctors work in tandem with her palliative team to develop a comprehensive plan for managing her illness. That means that none of her treatments are going to contradict each other or set her back in any way. 

Palliative Care Addresses a Range of Needs 

Your senior is a whole person with a wide range of spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs. Palliative care understands this and works to ensure that all of her needs are met on as many of those levels as possible. This type of care includes family members, too, including you as her family caregiver. It’s a holistic approach to ensuring your senior is able to live her life on her own terms. 

Ardent Healthcare, we use the term “supportive care” to describe this type of care. Palliative care is provided by a Nurse Practitioner on the team at Ardent Supportive Care.

Many People Are Able to Extend Their Lives with Palliative Treatments 

Palliative care helps to manage symptoms that are otherwise uncomfortable and draining for your senior. While palliative treatments are not curative, patients who opt for this type of care can extend their lives. Even if your senior doesn’t experience years of additional time after her diagnosis, she may be far more comfortable than she would have been had she not opted to give this type of care a try. 

Palliative care is not a guarantee of additional life and every situation and illness is different. That said, this type of care can be an incredible relief for your senior as well as for you and for other family members. It’s a way to do more for your senior while not interfering with curative therapies. 

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