Is it Possible for Hospice Care to Make Pain Management Easier?

Hospice Care in Plano, TX: Pain Management
Hospice Care in Plano, TX: Pain Management
Hospice Care in Plano, TX: Pain Management

No one should be forced to experience pain at the end of life with no relief. Unfortunately, too many people don’t get the help that they need because they’re locked into curative treatment plans that restrict the options that are available. Hospice care can turn that situation completely around for your senior. 

Recognizing Pain and Putting a Plan Together 

Depending on your senior’s health and the ailments that she’s facing as she nears the end of her life, she may not be able to express pain in the same ways that she did before. Paying close attention to things like grimaces, vocalizations, and other overt signs is really important. Hospice care providers can also help by monitoring blood pressure and breathing rates, which can give a clear indication of when your senior is experiencing increased pain. 

Focusing on Quality of Life 

The overarching goal of hospice care in general is to ensure that your elderly family member has the best quality of life that she possibly can. That might feel impossible from your perspective right now, but this means that your senior’s hospice care team works closely with her medical providers to put the best plan together for her. There may be a variety of other treatments that they can try that weren’t available to her until she made the move to hospice treatments. 

Easing Rest and Increasing Periods of Rest 

Rest is such an important part of experiencing relief from pain, but ironically that pain can interfere with the types of rest your senior needs. Putting together a comprehensive pain management plan is all part of what your senior’s hospice team is there to do. The more rest that your elderly family member has, the better she is going to be able to cope with everything else that’s happening around her. 

Ensuring that She Has the People She Loves Close to Her 

When your elderly family member is in pain constantly, she may not want to be around anyone. Or she may feel so far from normal that she isn’t really “in” when her family members are there with her. By ensuring that she’s getting the help that she needs with pain management, your elderly family member is better able to interact with the people that she loves during this essential time. 

Hospice care can do so very much for your senior when she’s experiencing chronic and increased pain. 

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