Myths about Hospice Services You May Want to Rethink

Hospice Care Dallas, TX: Hospice Services
Hospice Care Dallas, TX: Hospice Services
Hospice Care Dallas, TX: Hospice Services

When you’re trying to work out what the best treatment options are for your senior, you face a lot of choices. And as she’s nearing the end of her life, those choices may feel overwhelming on top of everything else that’s going on. It helps to have accurate information.  

She’ll Have to Leave Her Home 

One of the biggest reasons that people give for turning down all sorts of care is that it would require them to leave their homes. Your elderly family member may have been abundantly clear over the years that she’s not willing to do that, so that means no hospice, right? That’s a huge myth that a lot of people believe. While there are hospice centers and hospice wards in hospitals, your senior can definitely stay at home and receive care there. 

She’ll Have to Give up Everything that Works Now 

Not everything is working in your senior’s current care plan, but there might be some aspects of her care that are working for her. Hospice does involve giving up curative treatments, but at this point those might likely be the treatments that are causing all of you to start investigating other types of care. That doesn’t mean that she has to give up anything that is helping her to cope or that is offering her benefits. Her doctor can help you to see what new treatments open up for her by working with hospice elder care providers. 

She’ll Be Sedated 

Lots of families have deep concerns about what life is going to be like for their senior once hospice enters the picture. There’s a very real fear from many people that hospice therapies simply involve sedating senior family members and leaving the situation there. But that’s not accurate. Many other options exist for helping your senior to manage her comfort and just because she’s in hospice, that doesn’t mean that she’ll have to be unconscious. 

She’ll Have to Stay in Hospice if She Chooses it Now  

Another misconception is that hospice is definitely a forever choice and that once your elderly family member commits to hospice elder care services, that’s it. But the reality is that your elderly family member may even improve during her time in hospice. The guidelines require that her doctor believes that she has a short time left, but she can re-certify for hospice. If she improves a great deal, she may even decide that she wants to go back to curative treatments. 

Decisions at the end of your senior’s life are difficult enough. Make sure that you and she have all the information you need to choose the best types of care for her. 

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