GALA Sponsor for Ally’s Wish


Ardent Healthcare was honored to be a sponsor at a gala on April 22 to benefit Ally’s Wish, a local charitable organization founded to help young moms suffering with terminal-illness. According to one of its founders, Missy Phipps, “Ally’s Wish is here to try and give them memories with their kids that don’t involve hospitals and medicine and doctors and sadness,” Phipps said. “We want these kids to have amazing memories and we want the moms to be able to experience one last amazing wish with them.”

Over the past seven years, Ally’s Wish has granted wishes not only to moms in the DFW area but across the US. These wishes have ranged from trips to Disney World to birthday parties on the beach to building a media room or a backyard oasis. A primary source of donations occurs at the annual Boots & Blessings gala. This year, a very generous crowd more than doubled the goal of raising $100,000. That’s a lot of wishes! Congratulations on a successful event and a worthy cause.

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