The Benefits of Home Health Care With Hepatitis

Home Health Care Carrollton, TX: Hepatitis and Seniors
Home Health Care Carrollton, TX: Hepatitis and Seniors
Home Health Care Carrollton, TX: Hepatitis and Seniors

Viral hepatitis causes an estimated one million deaths every year. It’s estimated that about 40% of hepatitis C cases are in adults 60 or older. 

Your mom was diagnosed with hepatitis, and it’s taken your family by surprise. You once thought that hepatitis C was caused by sharing needles, but the reality is that it can be spread by sharing a razor, toothbrush, or nail clippers. Baby Boomers are at increased risk due to life experiences before the changes in sterilization measures that are now used in medical offices, blood banks, and establishments that do piercings and tattoos.

Focusing on why she has it isn’t as important as it is to talk about what happens now. It’s time to discuss your mom’s need for home health care services.

Medication Administration

Hepatitis C used to be treated with oral and injectable medications. The options now are better as some genotypes can be treated with oral medications only. If your mom’s doctor determines that injectable medications are needed, home health care nurses can administer that injection in your mom’s home.

Dietary Changes

Your mom’s dietary habits need to change to keep her liver healthy. Talk to your mom’s doctors about having home health care nurses teach your mom how to prepare meals that protect her liver and kidneys.

She needs to learn how to prepare meals that avoid high levels of sodium, saturated fats, and sugar. Her doctor may recommend a diet that’s suitable for diabetes, and a home health care nurse can work with her and family caregivers to ensure the right meals and snacks are offered.

Health Monitoring

Some of the oral medications used to treat Hepatitis C can impact your mom’s heart rate. If her heart slows down, which can happen, a nurse is there to track it and talk to the doctor about alternative medication options.

The home health care nurse can monitor your mom’s pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. The nurse can also check your mom’s oxygen saturation levels and alert the doctor if anything seems off.

Hepatitis C Can Be Cured

Not every patient is cured, but about 90% of hepatitis C cases are cured with medical care and prescription medications. If your mom’s cleared of the viral infection, her nursing services can end. It can take months of medications, however. Many of the medications used are administered for 12 weeks.

Talk to a home health care agency about your mom’s health. Arrange visits with nurses that match your mom’s needs and add and remove them as needed.

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