What Can Forgiveness Do for Your Senior at the End of Her Life?

End of Life Care Plano, TX: Seniors and Forgiveness
End of Life Care Plano, TX: Seniors and Forgiveness
End of Life Care Plano, TX: Seniors and Forgiveness

Forgiving people can be difficult, and when grudges have lasted a long time they can be even more difficult to resolve for everyone concerned. But forgiveness might be exactly what’s needed, both for your senior and for anyone else involved. There are some serious benefits for advocating for forgiveness, both for your senior and for you or other people who are affected. 

Forgiveness Isn’t about Forgetting or Ignoring Big Issues 

When people talk about forgiveness, there’s a misconception that it has to mean that the issue that caused a problem is forgotten entirely or that real hurt and pain get ignored. It’s really difficult to work past some of these issues because of how large they are. But when your senior is nearing the end of her life and there may not be a chance for resolution after she passes, you may have to work toward forgiveness.  

Relationships Are Complicated  

The reality is that relationships are complicated and there is a lot of hurt, both unintentional and deliberate, that can occur over a lifetime. Over many years, people can change, though, and sometimes that means that they still don’t know how to make some situations right again. It’s difficult to work through those issues sometimes. 

Unresolved Conflict Takes a Toll on Everyone Involved 

Holding onto those conflicts takes a toll on everyone who is involved in the situation. There’s a lot of anger and often resentment and hurt feelings all the way around. Forgiving someone, especially someone who is nearing the end of their life, doesn’t justify what happened, but it can make a bigger difference than you expect. 

Forgiveness Has Very Real Results 

Psychological issues, like a grudge or having wronged someone, can have physical impacts. When forgiveness is an option, it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve overall mental health, and even lower blood pressure. These are tangible effects that won’t change the health trajectory your senior is on, but they can help to make her feel more comfortable at this stage. She may be able to rest easier knowing that this situation is better than it has been. 

End-of-life care is about getting your senior all of the help and resources that she needs to have the best quality of life possible. In some cases, that can even mean helping your family to find counseling to assist with these difficult topics as well as managing her health needs. 

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