What Does Palliative Care Involve?

Palliative Care Frisco, TX: Palliative Care and Seniors
Palliative Care Frisco, TX: Palliative Care and Seniors
Palliative Care Frisco, TX: Palliative Care and Seniors

When your elderly family member gets the news that she’s dealing with a serious health issue, she may not realize that she’s got other options to help her manage how she’s feeling. Palliative care offers options that work with the care plans recommended by your senior’s medical providers. Those options aren’t curative in nature, but more about offering comfort. 

Palliative Care Isn’t about the End of Your Senior’s Life 

Most people don’t hear much about palliative care until someone’s health gets to be compromised. This type of care is meant for people dealing with chronic health issues, which are usually severe in nature. Palliative therapies might be recommended if your senior has COPD, cancer, heart disease, or some other type of chronic health problem. These types of health issues may not immediately endanger your senior’s life, but they can make her extremely uncomfortable and change how she lives. 

At Ardent Healthcare, we use the term “supportive care” to describe this type of care. Palliative care is provided by a Nurse Practitioner on the team at Ardent Supportive Care.

Managing Symptoms Is a Key Goal of Palliative Therapies 

These types of health issues often bring with them a wide range of side effects and symptoms which impact your senior’s life in a significant way. Those symptoms might involve difficulty breathing, sleeping issues, fatigue, and more. Your elderly family member may find that these symptoms seriously impact her quality of life, making it difficult to cope with the changes she’s experienced. 

Treatment Options Vary 

Home health care is able to assist your senior with a variety of different treatment options. Supports such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nutritional assistance all help your elderly family member to manage issues related to her health conditions. As your elderly family member’s needs change, the types of assistance that she has available to her can also change. 

Maintaining and Improving Quality of Life Is the Goal 

Quality of life often takes a big hit from chronic illness. Your senior may be dealing with physical issues, but emotional and mental health issues, as well. Stress certainly doesn’t help, either. Taking steps to reduce your senior’s stress as much as possible can help her on multiple levels. And home health care can help you and your elderly family member to find solutions to help her to manage what she’s feeling and experiencing. 

Chronic illness affects every aspect of your elderly family member’s life, so it’s important to help her to mitigate those impacts as much as possible. Having help with that large of a task makes it more likely that you’ll be able to do more for your senior.  

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