What Happens as Your Senior Readies to Go Home from the Hospital?

Home Health Care in Plano, TX: Going Home After a Hospital Stay
Home Health Care in Plano, TX: Going Home After a Hospital Stay

It’s exciting for your elderly family member to finally hear that she’s going home from the hospital. It can also be an overwhelming time, too, which means that it helps to slow down a bit and make sure you’ve got all the bases covered. With the right help, your senior may heal faster than either of you expect her to heal. 

Your Senior’s Doctor Says She’s Ready to Go Home 

What starts the ball rolling for your senior to leave the hospital is for her doctor to confirm that she’s ready to be discharged. If your elderly family member is recovering from an injury or has just had surgery, her doctor will likely be very clear with her about the criteria involved in making sure that she’s able to leave. Once your senior meets those criteria, the process starts. 

Successful Discharge Means She Avoids Readmittance 

In order to say that your senior has successfully been discharged from the hospital, she has to avoid being readmitted to the hospital. Hospital readmittance is bad for hospitals, insurance companies, and your senior. If your elderly family member is released too early, she may not be able to recover fully which can mean that her overall condition worsens and that it’s more costly overall to treat the problem. 

Make Sure to Understand the Discharge Instructions 

There’s a lot going on when you find out that your senior is about to be discharged from the hospital. It’s tough to keep up with everything, so it’s really important that you read the discharge instructions carefully and ask questions. Anything that is confusing or that doesn’t make sense is important to clarify as much as possible before your senior goes home. 

Ask about Home Health Care Services 

Home health care services are an excellent option for extra help while your senior is recovering at home. Your senior’s doctor needs to sign off on the recommendation, but this is especially important if your elderly family member is recovering from surgery or if there are wounds or other health needs that require monitoring. This can help to greatly reduce your senior’s risk of being readmitted.  

Coming home from the hospital can be enough to worry about. Neither you nor your senior should have to worry about whether she’s getting the care that she needs in order to recover fully from whatever health issues required her to be in the hospital. 

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