When Should You Call Hospice Care?

Hospice Care Flower Mound, TX: Hospice Care and Seniors
Hospice Care Flower Mound, TX: Hospice Care and Seniors
Hospice Care Flower Mound, TX: Hospice Care and Seniors

If you’re like most family caregivers, there are certain types of care that you might be more concerned about than others. Hospice care might be one of those types of care that feels a little more confusing. So many misunderstandings about what hospice is and what it can do for your senior can lead to people avoiding this type of care when it would actually be really helpful. 

Probably Sooner than You Think 

The one really important fact to remember about hospice care is that most people wait too long to bring in this vital team. What that does is reduce the amount of help your senior may receive and even limit some of the options that you and other family members have available to you. That can make things more difficult when they really don’t have to be. 

When Your Senior Wants to Stop Curative Treatments 

Has your elderly family member decided that curative therapies aren’t working for her anymore? That’s extremely common and not necessarily a negative decision. Some health issues may not get better and there are times when the treatments may feel worse for your senior than she wants them to feel. Hospice isn’t about using curative therapies, so it may be the perfect answer if she’s willing to shift gears. 

If She’s Experiencing Some Significant Symptoms 

There are also some symptoms that could be a sign to your senior that she needs to consider other solutions. Increased visits to the emergency room or to the hospital could be one such symptom. Having more trouble with activities of daily living, greater fall risk, and increased cognitive changes could also be signs that her situation is changing more quickly than she realizes. 

But What if She Opts for Curative Treatments Again? 

Is your senior locked into hospice care forever no matter what? She can absolutely change her mind, especially if she starts to feel better. Many people find that after easing away from curative treatments, their quality of life can improve quite a bit. And if that’s the case, your elderly family member may opt to try curative therapies again if her doctor agrees that’s a good idea. 

Hospice care is there for your senior and for your family for as long as she needs or wants it to be. Ensuring that she has what she needs is the most important part of any kind of care. 

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